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The Capital Journal

Pianist mixes classical music with his sense of humor
The Capital Journal
“Sometimes classical music can be an experience that some people find a little bit … not so interactive, not so interesting and I am trying to change that perception, to make people think of classical music as something that is actually a lot of fun ...

This woman thought she was doing a fun beauty vlog, but her husband and ...
After John's hair was dyed green by his wife, Nikki, he decided to get some revenge. For this prank, John decided to take advantage of Nikki's beauty blog and used their daughter Iris to help trick her into it. Nikki thought they were doing a funny ...

Political Satire Has a Long Tradition in the US
Voice of America
Love him or hate him, President Donald Trump has been good for satire. Satire is a kind of humor that makes fun of people, groups or governments. It has been around in one form or another for over 2,000 years. The American TV show Saturday Night Live ...

Donald Trump is forcing us to confront the limits of political satire
But as the world grapples with very serious issues regarding Trump's presidency—from his immigration bans to his potential ties to Russia and efforts to replace Obamacare—it's worth examining the impulse to poke fun at Trump. When we joke about him ...


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